WSMR Quarterly Issue Reports - Q1 2020

Fun Activities When You’re Stuck At Home

It is important to engage with your children during these unpredictable times. Stimulating your child with proactive experiences helps to continue their education outside of the classroom. These activities encourage musical and creative activities that will be sure to occupy your little ones while helping them stay creative during their time at home.


There are many useful websites located on the internet that detail fun and productive activities that help children’s interests in music while interesting them in artistic creativity as well. What is a common household utensil that makes noise and is seemingly harmless to children? Spoons! The musical spoon activity is one of many easy exercises for children to interact with. It is very simple: grab a few old spoons, a metal can with ridged grooves, and any other kitchen items. Have your children run the spoon up and down the ridges of the can, or miscellaneous item, and create your own at-home orchestra! After practicing, you can perform a small concert from the comfort of your sofa. Don’t forget, there are many of these activities.

Family art activities


There are at-home activities that incorporate both musical and artistic interest. Verywell Family provides us with an activity that has your child draw the music that they hear. This activity requires a device that is capable of playing music, paper, and colored markers or crayons. Playing slow and calm music, like Mozart’s Concerto for Flute and Harp, may motivate your child to draw something that has smoother lines and soothing colors. But, if you play a song with a faster tempo like Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, your child may draw something with ridged angles and brighter colors. This exercise will help your child engage in the fine-arts while helping to expand their creativity.

Utilizing Electronics

There are several educational activities children can do while being home during this time. These activities cover many subjects like English, Science, and History. These will help to continue your child’s education in a fun and interactive way. You can stream videos from YouTube that will interest your child and help them learn as well. BuzzFeed suggests “Storyline Online,” which features celebrities reading children’s stories that are sure to entertain your child while providing them with an educational experience. You can also stream “Story Time From Space” which allows for your child to listen to stories told by astronauts while in space.

Virtual Reality

Buzzfeed also suggests having your child take a virtual tour of an aquarium or museum by using your computer. Conducting virtual tours with your children allows them to visit new and exciting places while many of these organizations are closed. The interactive virtual tours allow children to learn about historical time periods in a museum or to learn about marine life through a live-streaming video feed from an aquarium. Many of these organizations include the Museum of Natural History, The Dali Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

There are many educational tools that you can use while educating your child during this time in our lives. Be sure to utilize the resources at your disposal to ensure your child’s productivity while at home. Also, be sure to check our WUSF News webpage for the latest information on COVID-19. We are actively updating the page with accurate and current information to help keep you and your family updated during this time.

The Dali Museum