Evening Masterwork: Beethoven’s Second Piano Concerto

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827)

Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat, Op. 19 by Ludwig van Beethoven

Evening Masterwork for June 15, 2020 – 7:00 PM on Classical WSMR 89.1 and 103.9

There is some debate as to when Beethoven composed his Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat. For nearly two centuries, it was believed the composer wrote it in 1794 as a kind of showpiece to use during his Vienna debut in 1795. But some recent scholarly investigations have pinned at least the first two movements as being written earlier, in 1789 and 1790. It was an invitation to study with Haydn that brought Beethoven to Vienna in the early 1790s, and he revised the concerto during these studies with Haydn to include a new finale, which would be included in the 1795 premiere. Hear it tonight at 7: our Evening Masterwork on Classical WSMR.