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Handel’s Messiah

The Florida Orchestra will be holding three nights of George Frideric Handel’s Messiah and will begin on December 19th and ending December 21st. Handel’s Messiah has captivated audiences for over 300 years and continues to represent the holiday season through the pieces enthralling tones. The orchestra will be led by conductor Michael Francis at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz. The orchestra will be accompanied by The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay during these three nights in December. 

The Conductor

Conductor Michael Francis has established himself as a renown international conductor. Francis is the current lead conductor of The Florida Orchestra and acquired a contract extension for the 2023-24 season. In addition, Francis is the Music Director of the Mainly Mozart Festival in San Diego, California and has collaborated with renown such as Lang Lang, Arcadi Volodos, and Emanuel Ax, to name a few. Francis secured international recognition in 2007 by acting as a lead conductor for the London Symphony Orchestra by stepping in for Valery Gergiev and John Adams. Michael Francis has maintained a promising career as a leading conductor and will deliver promising performances this December. 

Michael Francis, Florida Orchestra

Michael Francis, Florida Orchestra


Composer George Frideric Handel constructed historically renowned compositions during the 17th century. Specifically, Handel is recognized for constructing pieces for Italian opera. Handel’s initial stardom began after receiving a £200 stipend from Queen Anne of England in 1712 after constructing ceremonial music for the queen. As a result, Handel would reside in England for the remainder of his career. Handel would continue to compose Italian opera for the keen and ornate audiences in England. Accordingly, he became a nationalized citizen in 1726 and his music eventually gained Handel international stardom in the process. 

George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel


There is no arguing Handel’s Messiah is his most famous and recognized work. Handel premiered his famous composition in Dublin in 1741 and received immediate success. The fame Handel received created deep and lasting impressions on England after the debut of this work. Until the Nationalists movement began, English composers struggled to produce scores that embodied the equivalent quality of Handel’s Messiah. In sum, Handel composed arguably the most recognized holiday piece in existence. Handel’s composition continues to captivate audiences internationally and generates the holiday feeling most are familiar with.

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