WSMR Quarterly Issue Reports - Q1 2020

Modern Notebook for April 5

Composer John Adams (Photo credit: Deborah O’Grady)

On this week’s Modern Notebook, join Tyler Kline for music by Lei Liang and Molly Joyce. Plus, the entirety of Naive and Sentimental music, a massive orchestra piece by John Adams. Featuring performances by the Formosa Quartet, the NOW Ensemble, pianist Becky Billock, and more.

Hour 1

  • Crash Ensemble performs music by Paul Lansky.
  • Lei Liang’s Song Recollections, music for string quartet based on Taiwanese aboriginal folk music.
  • Magic with Everyday Objects by Missy Mazzoli.
  • Luciano Berio’s Formazioni.

Hour 2

  • Medium Piano: Preludes of Pace by Molly Joyce.
  • Music by John Adams inspired by an essay from German writer Friedrich Schiller, Naive and Sentimental Music.
  • The fifth movement of Gabriela Lena Frank’s Leyandas: an Andean Walkabout; Canto de Velorio, music that is based on the llorona, an Andean professional crying woman.

Modern Notebook is hosted by WSMR’s Tyler Kline, and is a program that highlights music composed since the Mid-20th Century, with a special focus on the music of living composers.