Modern Notebook for May 17

Composer Dai Fujikura (Photo credit: Yuko Moriyama/otocoto)

On this week’s Modern Notebook, join Tyler Kline for Arlene Sierra’s setting of two Pablo Neruda odes for soprano, cello, and piano. Also, hear a work called “Rare Gravity” by Dai Fujikura, one of a series of pieces of his that is inspired by the birth of his daughter. Featuring performances by cellist Julia Bruskin, Latitude 49, the Aizuri Quartet with pianist Adrienne Kim, the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra; and works by Vivian Fung, Gabriella Smith, Ilari Kaila, and more.

That’s on the next Modern Notebook, Sunday night from 8 to 10 Eastern on Classical WSMR 89.1 and 103.9.


Hour 1

  • David Rakowski’s Etude No. 80: Fireworks.
  • To find in the glimmering air… a buoyant continuity of layering blue, a solo cello work by Jeffrey Mumford.
  • Libby Larsen’s Solo Symphony.
  • Music by Arlene Sierra that sets two of Pablo Neruda’s Elemental Odes, text that pays homage to animals and common objects.

Hour 2

  • after joy from David Lang’s mystery sonatas for solo violin.
  • Latitude 49 performs music by Gabriella Smith inspired by the Beatles’ song Revolution 9.
  • Ilari Kaila’s The Bells Bow Down.
  • Rare Gravity by Dai Fujikura.
  • Pianist Conor Hanick performs prepared piano music by Vivian Fung.

Modern Notebook is hosted by WSMR’s Tyler Kline, and is a program that highlights music composed since the Mid-20th Century, with a special focus on the music of living composers.