The Sarasota Orchestra: Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” Broadcast

This week’s Tuesday Masterwork with The Sarasota Orchestra features an encore broadcast of a chamber version of Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” with four different soloists from the orchestra!

The Four Seasons

“The Four Seasons” is made up of four violin concertos that give a musical description for each season. Vivaldi published the music with accompanying poems that went along with what he was trying to evoke. “The Four Seasons” is Vivaldi’s most recognizable work and provides one of the earliest examples of what is now considered to be program music, or, music with a narrative.[1]

Stay Connected

Classical WSMR thanks The Sarasota Orchestra for sharing this music during a time where we need it most. This way, we can still enjoy the classical music we all know and love.  Stay up to date with the Sarasota Orchestra on their website at And listen every Tuesday for a Masterwork with the Sarasota Orchestra. You can listen live at 89.1 or 103.9, on, and from your smartphone with the WUSF Public Media App. Also, you can ask your Smart Speaker to play Classical WSMR. If you miss a broadcast, you can listen to it on-demand at for 30 days after the airdate.


[1] Elliott, Suzanne. “Vivaldi – The Four Seasons.” Classic FM, 19 Apr. 2012,