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Take your favorite station anywhere, anytime. Stream our shows on demand with just the click of a button. Connect by social, e-mail, or phone with ease.

Listen to WSMR live

Easy to stream Florida’s Classical Station 24/7

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Easy to connect with us on social networks

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Wake up to your favorite station through our alarm feature.

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Listen to your favorite Classical WSMR programming on your phone!

Enjoy music from Classical WSMR – Florida’s Classical Music Station.

With this app you will be able to:

  • Live Stream Classical WSMR 24/7
  • Wake up to the Classical WSMR automatically
  • Integrate the app with your car’s dashboard systems via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Ford’s Smart Device Link. (On supported car models)
  • Get on-demand streaming of WSMR programming, including podcasts
  • View program schedules
  • Sign up for Classical WSMR news updates
  • Become a member or donate
  • Submit video, audio and photos through the app

This app is made possible by supporting members of WUSF Public Media. Please support WUSF Public Media by becoming a member today!

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