Modern Notebook for August 23, 2020

Composer Tonia Ko (Photo credit: Matt Dine)

Coming up on Modern Notebook this week, Tyler Kline dedicates nearly an hour to newly-released music from this past month, including a work for flute and electronics by Christopher Cerrone titled “Liminal Highway;” music for solo viola from Lisa Bielawa’s new album; and music by Tonia Ko, performed by the Grossman Ensemble, recently described by the Chicago Reader as “a sensuous petting zoo of sounds.”

Plus: a violin concerto by Jarkko Hartikainen performed by violinist Sini Virtanen with the McCormick percussion group; music by Misato Mochizuki, Anna Weesner, and David Crowell; and performances by pianist Ning Yu, the NOW Ensemble, flutist Tim Munro, and much more.

That’s on the next Modern Notebook, Sunday night from 8 to 10 on Classical WSMR 89.1 and 103.9.

Hour 1

  • Traditional Swedish folk music updated and performed by the Danish String Quartet.
  • David Crowell’s Waiting in the Rain for Snow.
  • Moebius-Ring by Misato Mochizuki.
  • Music for violin and cello duo by Anna Weesner, originally composed for string quartet: Sudden, Unbidden.
  • Jarkko Hartikainen’s ICE CONCERTO for violin and percussion orchestra.

Hour 2

  •  Mieko by Kai-Young Chan.
  • Huang Ruo’s Becoming Another.
  • 4am from Lisa Bielawa’s Insomnia Etudes.
  • Tonia Ko’s Simple Fuel.
  • Liminal Highway for flute and electronics by Christopher Cerrone.

Modern Notebook is hosted by WSMR’s Tyler Kline, and is a program that highlights music composed since the Mid-20th Century, with a special focus on the music of living composers.