Modern Notebook for November 29, 2020

Friction Quartet (Photo credit: Bonnie Rae Mills)

On this week’s Modern Notebook, Tyler Kline shares a work by Evan Williams titled “Heavy,” which alludes to the instrumentation that the piece is written for. Plus, music by Vivian Fung and Badie Khaleghian; and the Friction Quartet performing music by Max Stoffregen, from their latest album.

Featuring performances by yMusic, pianist Liza Stepanova, flutist Erika Boysen with the Four Corners Ensemble, violinist Kirstin Lee, cellist Amanda Gookin, and more; and music by Shuying Li, Kenji Bunch, Amanda Feery, and others.

That’s Sunday night from 8 to 10 on Classical WSMR 89.1 and 103.9.

Hour 1

  • Tessellations by Gabriela Smith.
  • Badie Khaleghian’s Táhirih the Pure.
  • The California Crest by Max Stoffregen.
  • Jasper Sussman’s …nice box! “Oh So Square”.
  • The Dryad by Shuying Li.

Hour 2

  • Lisa Bielawa’s Synopsis #14: No, No, No – Put that Down!
  • Heavy by Evan Williams.
  • The Violin Concerto by Vivian Fung.
  • Kenji Bunch’s 26.2.
  • Stray Sods by Amanda Feery.

Modern Notebook is hosted by WSMR’s Tyler Kline, and is a program that highlights music composed since the Mid-20th Century, with a special focus on the music of living composers.